Day 66: Hörde, 1921

“Day 66: This is a single note set issued on October 1st, 1921 in the city of Hörde. The note has a denomination of 50 Pf.

This note is a bit different than past pieces of Notgeld I've shared so far. While this has all the characteristics as the typical Notgeld note, this note is technically called 'Scherzschein' or 'Joke Note'. Pieces of Scherzschein Notgeld were often issued by a private party as some sort of advertising or social/political commentary. There typically weren't many of these types of notes produced, and even fewer were held on to since they didn't have any actual monetary value, so some pieces are quite scarce today.

Another interesting thing about this particular issue is that all pieces of Notgeld issued in Hörde by F. Cuppring have the same exact serial number, because it was part of the design and not used as an actual serial or kontrol number.

The catalog value for this note is around $175 - $200.”